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Monarch Garden Inn & Learning Center

Wildlife photography is our passion, but promoting wildlife conservation and watchable wildlife opportunites is equally so. Over the last 25+ years, we have advocated for Alaska's bald eagles, the Toklat wolves of Denali National Park, and the McNeil River bears.

Now we are committed to helping monarchs. Our first project, Milkweed for Monarchs, was launched in 2012 to help restore monarch butterflies across North America. (Milkweed for Monarchs Butterfly Garden.)

Our original plan was to begin breeding monarchs and releasing them back into the wild. However, we later discovered the risks of introducing or spreading disease, so we shifted our strategy to a "Rescue and Release" approach. This entails finding monarch eggs or caterpillars in the wild and bringing them indoors to raise. In the wild, a monarch egg has about a 3-5% survival rate. Monarchs that have been lucky enough to have been "Rescued and Raised" have up to a 95% survival rate. (We rescued, raised, and released 261 monarchs in the summer of 2016, and over 400 since 2014.)

We are currently working on the next step of our plan and will soon launch a new crowdfunding project, "Monarch Garden Inn & Learning Center." We are working on creating some terrific, fun rewards, including presentations for schools, so please pass the word to friends and family who care about monarchs! (If you'd like to see the "Early Bird Special Rewards" first, send an e-mail to: info at akwildlife dot com, and add Early Bird Special in the subject line.)

All profits are used to promote planting milkweed for monarchs, so when you purchase our work, you are helping monarchs rebound, too. For more details, click here.

Now that you know what inspires us, let's focus on what inspires YOU.

Are you looking for museum-quality wildlife photography for that special place in your home or office? We invite you to visit our Fine Art Gallery. Choose from over 1,000 wildlife and nature images here.

You are also invited to check out our fun Wildlife and Nature Gift Shop. Choose from men's and women's apparel, children and infant apparel and gifts, bags, hats and accessories, home and drinkware gifts, plus wall decor and stationery.

We also offer images with funny captions including the "I AM Smiling!" and the "Bald is Beautiful" Bald Eagle Collections. Aviation buffs will love the "Final Approach" Collection, with its riveting "Flaps Down...Gear Down...Cleared for Landing" caption.

Thanks for caring and supporting our work! Happy Shopping!

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In October, 2005, the Keelers were given the honor of being selected as two of the 40 founding members of the International League of Conservation Photographers. The ILCP was initially founded with 40 Fellows considered to be some of the most talented and passionate nature and wildlife photographers of our generation.


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